Weekly Update: 16-22 April 2017

This week I completed three runs which was a total of 25km. My first run for the week was a 14km in preparation for the half marathon I’m intending to run on 21st May. After a couple of less favourable half marathon training runs in the past few weeks, I was pleased the 14km went well. I didn’t try and run particularly fast because I have other training which addresses speed and the main purpose is to get myself used to the longer distances both physically and mentally. I completed the 14km in 1:19.39 which was an average of 5:41/km. It was a comfortable pace and the splits were fairly consistent. I got into a routine and tried not to focus on how many more kilometres were left in the run.

I decided to take it easy for my usual Tuesday morning run and completed 6km rather than 7.3km. My legs were still tight from the half marathon training run. On Saturday I went to Nepean River Parkrun at Penrith for the first time (separate post will be on the blog soon). My time was 24:06 which is actually the slowest time I’ve done in seven weeks for Parkrun. However, I’m not too disappointed because the course was challenging and different Parkrun courses aren’t always comparable. I would have liked to have edged under 24 and to the improve the consistency of my splits as they were very uneven. But it was still good to experience a different Parkrun.

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