On Saturday 25th June 2017 I participated in the Cooks River Fun Run which is a 10km run commencing and finishing at Freshwater Park, Strathfield. It was the first time I’d participated in the event, and a last minute decision, as I only found out about it recently. It’s crazy to think a year go I’d never participated in even a single running event. My first event was July 2016 and my life has completely changed since then through my fitness journey. There is also a 5km run and a 5km walk. I was considering the 5km because it’s my best distance (as a result of racing it at Parkrun for over a year and a half) and I don’t get many opportunities to race it at actual events. However, I went with the 10km because I hadn’t raced that distance since October 2016. I’ve done a lot of training since then so have an improved level of fitness. I knew I had the chance for a personal best time over 10km.

I had an ‘A’ goal and ‘B’ goal for the event. Plan A was to run 10km in under 50 minutes because that’s less than 5 minutes per kilometre. I’ve been very comfortable with sub 5 minute kilometres for a 5km run now since late last year and my best 5km time is down to 4 minutes 32 seconds per kilometre, so wondered how long I’d be able to hold sub 5 minute pace. This was my longer term goal for a 10km, I knew I’d be close but thought I wouldn’t be there yet. Realistically, I thought I’d get there later in the year. Plan B was to run a personal best time which wasn’t particularly difficult. I needed to improve on 52 minutes and 43 seconds which was 5 minutes 16 seconds per kilometre.  I was expecting a time of 50 or 51 minutes for this event.

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