Parkrun: Galston

On Saturday 15th July I attended Galston Parkrun. It was my 67th Parkrun in total and 9th different location I’ve visited.  


Last year I did all but one of my Parkruns at the same location but this year I’m aiming to attend many different courses. I’ve had Galston on the too do list for awhile because it’s a reasonably convenience location (at least compared to some of the other Parkruns I’ve tried) and it’s nostalgic because I frequently went to Fagan Park as a child. However, I’d also been avoiding it and pushing it towards the bottom of that to do list, because of the course difficulty. It’s three laps up and down a big hill so I knew it would hurt and my time wouldn’t be particularly great.  

Galston Parkrun is located at Fagan Park, 38-48 Arcadia Road, Galston.


I certainly found the course challenging as it was a mixture of gravel, paths and grass. Of course the hills, with an elevation gain of 25m per lap, was a contributing factor too.  However, I’m really pleased with how I handled the course. I know a year ago I would have really struggled with the hills and I could see the progress with how I approach hill running now. I’m trying to decide whether the Galston course was more difficult than the Lithgow course. I’d say Lithgow is more challenging, for me at least, because of the trail running aspect and uneven ground. Here is the description from the Parkrun website:


“This is a challenging but scenic 3-lap course within Fagan Park, Galston. The route consists of mostly sealed paths with some grass, and passes lakes, bridges, gardens and birdlife. There is approximately 25m of elevation gain on each lap. Starting at the top end of the park near the main carpark (accessible from Arcadia Rd), all 3 laps follow a clockwise route to the bottom of the park and back up to the top, finishing with a loop around the playground area. The second lap includes a 600m detour around the picnic area at the bottom end of the park, while the first and third laps veer right to cross over a bridge and continue straight back to the top.”



The best news is I came 1st female!! This is the first time I’ve ever had the number one gender ranking. I’ve always wanted it and I’ve had many 2nds and 3rds at Parramatta and The Ponds before. I know it depends on the course and who shows up on the day but I’m still excited. My time was much better than I expected. My best time on a flat course is 22 minutes and 44 seconds, but for the amount of hills I was expecting to exceed 25 minutes. I also didn’t do it flat out and there were times where the course direction wasn’t clear, so I think I could improve on this time also. I’ll be back to run this course again. Initially I just wanted to try it out once but I found the hills particularly good training so it’s worth running from time to time.  

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