Parkrun: Nepean River

On Saturday 22nd April I attended Nepean River Parkrun. It was my 55th Parkrun in total and the 6th different location I’ve visited.


Last year I did all but one of my Parkruns at the same location. This year I want to attended a variety of locations and experience many different Parkruns. I usually alternate between two local Parkruns but every few weeks I’ll travel to a new Parkrun location. This week I attended Nepean River which is located at Jamison Avenue and Tench Reserve, Penrith.

I found the course challenging as it was a mixture of concrete paths, grass and paths. I always find it so hard to run on grass and it really impacts the pace.  There were also some hills and up/down sections. This is the course description from Nepean River Parkrun website:

“The course starts from the shared pedestrian/cycle path parallel to Jamison Road, near Harris Street. It follows this path, heading west until the end of the shared path where bunting separates the route from a small car park. Stay to the right of the bunting, continue through a set of small bollards and onto the grass, before turning left to join a paved path. Continue along the path until you reach a marshal/sign where you will be directed onto a grass/cross country loop. After completing this loop, re-join the path and head east toward Nepean Ave. When you reach a marshal/sign, you will be directed onto another cross country loop. Complete the loop, re-join the path and head west toward Jamison Road. When you reach Jamsion Road, turn left onto the shared path and continue to the finish.”


To put it into perspective my time was 24:06 and my best 5km time at a flat course is 22:44. Overall I prefer a faster course just on pathway, but it was still good to experience and try a new course. I’d like to run the course again one day.


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